Our product main characteristic is to be science-backed designed


Biblioshiny is the user-friendly version of bibliometrix. Today it is a free version with the most common features of the entire bibliometric analysis workflow.
Premium versions will have:
         API for collaboration with other Databases and software.  
        Integration of data collected from different databases.
        Integration between bibliometric data and altimetric metrics. 
        Cloud access (without installation). 
        Automatic text summarization. 
        In-text citation analysis: citation context, classification, sentiment analysis, summarization, recommendation.  
        Predicting scientific research trends. 
        Content analysis through glossaries and thesaurus. 
        Machine learning algorithms for content analysis. 
        Automatic generation of Systematic Literature Review. 

K-Atlas (Thematic Atlases) is the product line that deals more properly with science mapping. The atlases map the evolution of conceptual and social structures of disciplinary areas, themes, and relevant institutions.
Examples already realized:
        • K-Atlas of Italian University Hospital Organizations
          (or Italian public-owned Academic Medical Centers) to map their research front. 

        • K-Atlas of business economics studies, presented at the Conference of
          the Italian Academy of Business Economics (September 2019). 

K-Evid(ence) is the product line that concerns:
        The creation of specific databases of scientific evidence, both quantitative and qualitative, that can be consulted              on reference issues. Examples already realized:
                • PMP lab (Performance Management and Measurement in Professions) www.pmp.unina.it ;
                • EcoMed (Economics and Medicine).

        Scoping review or Rapid Evidence Assessment, useful for policy and business decision-makers.

K-iMetrics: performance analysis of scholars, research teams, departments, universities, and other research institutions.

K-PM (Patent Mapping) is a product line like K-iMetrics that maps the structure and evolution of patents or technological trends, particularly interesting for research or tech-intensive sectors and companies.

K-Strat (Competitive Analysis) is the product line that concerns:       
       • K-Conf: configurational studies by sector and business model.  
              The example already realized:
                   • Does industry change affect strategy, governance, and financial configurations of private hospital                                           providers? A survey of Italian private healthcare organizations,
                     Scientific Conference on Statistics for Health and Well-being, 25 – 27 September 2019
                     @University of Brescia – Dep.t of Economics and Management.

        K-Value: Value metrics and other KPI.  

K-DA (Data Asset) is the product line that concerns the construction of specific Data Assets, from multiple sources to promote research and innovation for Universities and Private Companies.

        A first example concerns the economic-financial metrics of Italian Private Hospitals in a time span of 10 years,                useful to represent the needs of the sector to policymakers and to trace the paths of sustainable development                  for the management.

        In the development phase is K-Health, in collaboration with biomedical engineers, which has potentially various              declinations (e.g. Telemonitoring, Robotic Surgery, Specific devices). 

K-4Off is a product line that uses data science and content analysis techniques for office automation. This line will be designed to develop specific artificial intelligence products for documents or business mail in the areas of legal and business consulting, finance, and healthcare.

        K-Prof for automated analysis and preparation of professional documents. 

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