The main outputs of this area are seminars, presentations, workshops in PhD, or in the catalog.
In Italy, Bibliometrix has been presented, with 1-day seminars or workshops from 3 to 5 days, in most of the PhD courses in Business Sciences and at the PhD School of Politecnico di Milano. In addition, it has been presented in various PhD courses and international seminars.
These seminars have as a return the promotion of the software to various types of users at a very low cost: in fact, the costs are entirely financed by the organizers, to which are added the revenues from fees per lecturer.
To increase revenues in training, a Summer School in Knowledge Synthesis and Bibliometric Analysis has already been designed, to be held for 5 days in Naples in June with about 20 participants and teaching staff also formed by international scholars. 

In perspective, the Summer School can be flanked by courses, workshops and laboratories in the following areas:

  • Research Synthesis (Science Mapping)
  • Research Methods
  • Science communication (Scientific writing, Data Journalism)
  • Data Science with R
    Applied to science mapping, bibliometric performance appraisal, altimetrics
    • Accounting, finance, strategy and governance
  • Research Performance Evaluation
  • Research funding for firms
  • Finance & Management, as Digital Accounting and Finance, which launched in February 2020 in the form of a laboratory, for the University of Naples Federico II that registered in a few hours about 25 subscribers, considered the maximum threshold or the composition of the classroom

The same field may also include some finalized research that gives rise to thematic hubs, such as ECOMED and PmpLab.

Also in the field of training, a specific line of products may concern educational and professional material on specific topics such as: 

  • Fair value accounting and business valuation
  • Key performance indicators in specific settings
  • The ownership structure (e.g. Golden Power, Family Business) and the functioning of the Board of Directors
  • Healthcare: procurement, health technology assessment, health data analysis, operation management (e.g. Case Mix, Operating Room, Outpatient, Emergency)

All courses will issue a specific certification of participation and passing the final test.

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

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