K-EB Consulting is the line of consulting services that support business decisions. Today, speed and quality of decisions make the difference in business and policy.
K-Synth has developed and uses an evidence-based approach for management decisions that emphasizes critical thinking.
We use four different sources:
1. The most recent and reliable scientific (empirical studies)
2. Professional knowledge (professional expertise; think, for example, surveys)
3. Organizational data and documents
4. Stakeholders' opinions (through interviews).

Our main experiences cover these following fields:

  • Strategic process, in particular the tools and the role of practitioners (Board Members, Auditors, Evaluators).
  • Corporate governance, in particular, the ownership structure (Public Shareholdings, Family Business, Hedge Funds) and the functioning of the board of directors.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Performance management, in particular, the evaluation of companies and the assessment of individual performance and professional groups.

K-Synth supports the preparation and presentation of research projects with leading institutions and companies.

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